Sara J Cafe

We were inspired to open Sara J Café on the premise of providing delicious, healthy food for our local customers in a fun, casual outdoor dining environment. 

We offer a wide variety of scrumptiously fresh salads, delectable sandwiches, toasty hot paninis, fresh wraps,and hot breakfast choices served all day!

Stop by anytime, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We’ll be here waiting for you!  

Can’t make it? Call or fax your order in and we'll deliver!!  

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Call or fax your order:

Ph: (818) 340-1030
Fax: (818) 347-4178

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Served All Day


Power Breakfast - $9.95
two eggs any style, served with generous fresh chopped salad, french or multi-grain baguette
and your choice of two types of cheese (feta, mozzarella, swiss cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese)


Shakshuka -$8.95
two eggs poached in tomato sauce with garlic, onions, peas, mushrooms
and served with your choice of french or multi-grain baguette and pickles


French Toast - $8.99
served with seasonal berries and maple syrup





Panini (Toasted Bagel)
To have served with our house salad add $2.00


Greek Toast -$6.95
kalamata olive tapenade, swiss and feta cheeses, fresh onions and za’atar


Pizza Toast - $6.95
swiss and feta cheeses, green olives, fresh tomato and pizza sauce


Tuna Toast - $6.95
tuna, swiss cheese, fresh onions and tomatoes


Mozzarella Pesto - $6.95
mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, basil and pesto



Served with french or multi-grain baguette
To have served with our house salad add $2.00


Omelet Sandwich - $6.95
egg omelet, mayo, fresh tomato and cucumber


Halloumi Sandwich - $7.50
grilled halloumi cheese, cream cheese, lettuce, fresh tomato and pickles


Salmon Sandwich - $7.25
smoked salmon, cream cheese, fresh red onion, tomato and lettuce


Avocado Sandwich - $7.25
avocado, red onions, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, oregano and olive oil


Tuna Sandwich - $6.95
House special tuna salad, hard-boiled egg, fresh tomatoes, onions and lettuce


Grilled Veggie Sandwich - $7.25
grilled eggplant, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions, goat cheese and pesto


Chicken Sandwich - $7.25
chicken breast, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce and hummus


Tunisian Sandwich - $7.25
tuna, hard-boiled egg, potato, cucumbers, tomato, spicy lemon, olives on spicy bread


Exotic Sandwich - $7.25
chicken strips grilled to perfection, peppers, green onions, carrots drizzled with sweet chili sauce


Sabich Sandwich - $7.25
grilled eggplant, potato, hard-boiled egg, grilled onions, hummus, tahini and pickles


Turkey Sandwich - $7.25
sliced turkey, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce and mayo



Build Your Own Sandwich - $6.95
Served with french or multi-grain baguette

select any 2 items:
egg salad, salami, turkey, tuna, feta cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, hard-boiled egg, avocado


add your choice of condiments:
lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, onions, green olives, black olives, pickles, harissa, hummus, mayo


additional items - $0.75 ea.



Sara J Café’s

Daily 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. (No substitutions, please)


½ Sandwich* and House Salad - $7.95
½ Sandwich* and Cup of Soup - $8.95
Cup of Soup and House Salad - $7.95


*Available with all sandwiches except Chicken & Exotic Sandwiches



To have served with our house salad add $2.00


Turkey Wrap - 6.95
turkey, avocado, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, tomato in thousand island dressing


Omelet Wrap - $6.95
egg omelet, swiss cheese, avocado and pesto


Mediterranean Chicken Wrap - $7.25
grilled chicken breast seasoned with cumin and spices, chopped tomatoes, tahini sauce and hummus



Served with your choice of french or multi-grain baguette


Ahi Tuna Steak Salad -$9.95
grilled ahi tuna served on a bed of mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes,
hearts of palm and artichoke hearts with balsamic vinaigrette


Greek Salad - $8.95
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives, fresh onions and feta cheese in olive oil and lemon dressing


Tuna Salad - $9.50
mixed baby greens, tuna, hard-boiled egg, fresh onions, cherry tomatoes,
corn avocado and mushrooms in Caesar dressing


Santa Fe Salad - $7.95
romaine lettuce, fresh red onion, roasted red bell peppers tossed in our santa fe dressing
and topped with sliced avocado, corn, tomato, black beans and crisp tortilla strips
add chicken - $2.00


Warm Chicken Salad - $8.95
cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and herbs stir-fried in olive oil, garlic, soy sauce and honey
on a bed of mixed baby greens and topped with warm strips of chicken breast


Salmon Salad - $9.50
grilled salmon served on a bed of mixed baby greens, artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, cherry tomatoes
and caramelized pecans tossed in vinaigrette dressing


Antipasto Salad - $8.95
asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, green onions, roasted corn, mixed baby greens,
avocado, sun-dried tomato in balsamic vinaigrette


Sweet Potato Salad - $9.50
sautéed sweet potatoes, mushrooms and onions served atop a bed of mixed baby greens,
cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, walnuts with teriyaki sauce



Specials Featured Daily

Soup of the Day - $4.25


Ziva - $8.95
(please allow 20 minutes to bake)

swiss cheese, green olives in thin sesame dough served with pickles, tomato sauce and boiled egg


Fatut - $8.95
filo dough mixed with eggs, green olives and swiss cheese





Pyramid Chocolate Cake - $4.45
creamy chocolate and caramel mousses fill a four-sided chocolate pyramid
with chocolate chiffon cake bottom and dusted with cocoa powder


Marquis - $4.45
Thick chocolate Ganache atop layers of black magic chiffon cake and chocolate mousse,
topped with a lustrous layer of raspberry marmalade and fresh raspberries


Fruit Tart - $4.45
fresh, colorful fruit beautifully arranged atop pastry cream filling with a flaky, homemade crust


Lemon Tart - $4.45
flaky homemade tart shell is filled with lemon curd, baked to sweet perfection and topped with fluffy meringue


Cheesecake - $4.45
fluffy new york style cheesecake on a graham cracker crust topped with colorful fresh fruit


Chocolate Mousse Trio - $4.45
spectrum of french, milk and dark chocolate mousses are delicately
layered atop an airy chocolate chiffon base


Tiramisu - $4.45
decadent Italian dessert cake made of coffee liqueur-soaked lady finger biscuits
layered with mascarpone cheese and tiramisu mousse


Crème Brûlée Tart - $4.45
flaky homemade tart shell is filled with crème brûlée, baked to sweet perfection
and topped with sugar and torched until crisp


Hazelnut Crunch Cake - $4.45
fluffy hazelnut chiffon cake filled with creamy hazelnut glaze atop
a crunchy hazelnut bottom and drizzled with chocolate





Bottled Water - $1.00
Canned Sodas: Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite - $1.50
Perrier Mineral Water - $1.50
Bottled Juice (Prigat) - orange, grape, grapefruit - $1.75
Malt Beer - $1.75
Brewed Coffee - $1.50 / $1.95
Iced Tea - $1.95
Espresso - $1.95
Cappuccino - $3.25
Americano - $2.00
Vanilla Latte - $3.75
Caramel Latte - $3.75


Prices exclude tax and may vary.
Menu and prices subject to change without notice.

Sara J Pastries & Cakes
7307 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91303
Ph: (818) 347-6241  Fax:  (818) 347-4178